• We do extensive research to determine the current resale value.
  • We price to sell because we know you don’t want it back. Consignors with competitive prices end up taking less home and earning more money.
  • As a general rule of thumb, consignment items are priced approximately 50-75% off retail (Excluding Luxury goods).  However, we take many things into consideration such as label, condition, age and current demand.
Example:  We understand that you may have paid $220 for those bootleg  jeans that are still NWT. However, they are not the current trend and are    harder to sell at this time. If they are accepted for consignment, they will be priced accordingly.
Example:  You paid $150 for a top that is NWT, that sold out within hours when you bought it. It’s so highly coveted; we may sell it for the price you paid or higher.

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