Consignor authorizes The Lavish Loft, LLC to Consign in accordance with the following terms & conditions:

1. The consignment period is 90 days. It is your responsibility to keep track of this date.

2. Condition of items: We accept freshly laundered items that are in New or Excellent Condition. Free from defects that are in ready to sell condition.
items that are not properly laundered or have excessive wrinkling, pet hair or odors at the time of consignment may be subject to a 40/60 split or will be rejected. No prior notice will be given.

3. If you choose to drop your consignment off and cannot wait for us to go through your items, anything we don't accept will be donated, as we don't have the storage space. if we find a stain or damage after you have left, we will contact you to pick up within 1 week. After that, items will be donated, due to lack of storage.

4. Commission: Consignor receives 50% of final sale for items priced under $499. Items priced over $500 will receive up to 70% which will be determined at time of contract. Price tag may reflect a small fee that is paid by the customer and will not be part of the consignment split. This is to cover the cost of processing consignments and to cover some of the credit card fees.

5. Pricing and Designers we carry: We collect and use data from our sales to determine current trends & styles, brands and pricing.
Merchandise is priced according to its condition and current resale value and not the original retail price. We will send your consignment list to the email you provided below within two weeks, but often sooner. The Lavish Loft, LLC has the final authority on the selling price. Our goal is to sell your items. If they are not selling, we will reduce the price at our discretion. Consignors will be contacted for luxury items over $500 only if discounting more than 10%.

6. Payment will be processed on the first Wednesday of every month.
Checks will not be re-issued within 30 days if not received due to no fault of our own. If you wish to have it re-issued within 30 days, you will be charged a canceled check fee equal to the current bank charge.

7. Unsold Items: Items priced under $50 will become the property of The Lavish Loft at the end of the consignment period and may be donated.
You can reclaim any items over $50, up to 30 days after your consignment has ended, unless arrangements have been made and confirmed via email, not telephone. It is your responsibility to keep track of the end date. We will not contact you.

8. Please call or email us before you come & pick up to allow us time to collect your items priced over $50.00. Items picked up prior to the end of the contract will incur a fee per item in addition to the cost to authenticate luxury bags when applicable. Exceptions must be made in writing on the contract.

9. Risk of loss: Consignor acknowledges that the Lavish Loft, LLC assumes no liability of loss, destruction or damage of any kind to the consigned items.

10. Indemnification: The Lavish Loft, LLC uses leading edge technology to authenticate handbags and most accessories. We provide certificates to our customers for a small fee when sold and aren't a part of your commission. 

I agree of the above terms, understand their content and want to become a Lavish Loft Consignor!

Name: _____________________________________
Assigned Account Number: __________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________
City ______________________________ State:__________ Zip:______________
Phone:☎️ __________________________________________________
Email: 📧 __________________________________________________


___________ I have read over this contract in its entirety and agree to adhere by the terms.

___________ I agree to have my check mailed at the address above and will notify the Lavish Loft of any changes prior to sending ($2.50 fee per transaction)
___________ I agree to (pick up) my check within 10 days of being notified. ( $1 processing fee)